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Treatment Options For Peri-Implantitis

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Kenneth D. Parrish, DMD, PhD
Treatment Options For Peri-ImplantitisAre you experiencing an inflammation of your oral soft tissues after dental implants? Chances are you have peri-implantitis. This periodontal disease can lead to bone loss if untreated. The condition is infectious and occurs due to several issues in your dental implants, such as design, degree of roughness, or the prosthesis design. These aspects provide room for a bacterial infection that results in rejection or damage of your dental implants and bone losses. If discovered quickly, peri-implantitis is easy to treat. Here are common treatment options for this condition:

Antimicrobial Therapy

Peri-implantitis is a bacterial infection which means antibiotics can help kill the bacteria. A periodontist will use antimicrobial therapy to kill the unwanted bacteria. They can also perform thorough cleaning around your gums and bones to remove any remaining unhealthy bacteria residue. They can prescribe some antibiotics or apply them directly to the implants.

Mechanical Debridement

This procedure involves clearing the plaque and tartar on your dental implant surfaces and other surrounding tissues. A periodontist uses specialized tools. A common approach is the LAPIP procedure, where a specialized laser treats gums surrounding the implants. This procedure kills all unhealthy bacteria in your mouth. It does not cause cutting and enhances quick recovery. You will experience less discomfort during the process.

Surgical Options

When you fail to treat peri-implantitis on time, it may progress into a severe case. Such cases are untreatable with therapy. You may need to undergo a surgical procedure to remove the implants. Your condition can also require bone grafting to restore your damaged bones. A periodontist will open your gums for intensive infection detoxification. They must ensure that all infections have been cleared before grafting new bones on the implants.

If you have signs of possible peri-implantitis, consider consulting periodontitis. Talk to one of our periodontists via phone or visit our office for guidance and answers on any periodontal issues.
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