Periolase at United Smile Centres, Louisville, KYWould it be a stretch to say that gum disease treatment isn't at the top of your "favorites" list? While we understand that gum therapy may never make it to that list, we think you'll be happy to hear that laser dentistry has made periodontal therapy more comfortable and less time-consuming than traditional dental surgery. With tools like PerioLase MVP-7, there's no cutting and no suturing. What's more, you'll experience less bleeding and less swelling during and after periodontal therapy.

A Cut Above Traditional Gum Surgery

If you've been diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontal disease, your dentist or periodontist may recommend a non-surgical scaling and root planing (SRP) procedure to get your gums back in shape. But sometimes periodontal disease can cause more damage to your gum tissues than an SRP can remedy, so your dental practitioner may recommend surgical periodontal therapy instead. In both cases, the use of dental lasers can make the gum therapies more effective and less traumatic.

Although some dental lasers are used as an adjunct to non-surgical SRP procedures, PerioLase MVP-7 laser periodontal therapy (LPT) is an alternative to traditional gum surgery. This method of treating gum disease has revolutionized gum therapy in more ways than one: not only does it shorten gum therapy from months to weeks, but it also significantly reduces patient discomfort.

In the past, gum surgery typically took place over several months. Healing time, follow-up appointments and suture removal were all standard. But with PerioLase MVP-7, there is actually no cutting involved and, depending on the degree of damage, most treatments are complete in just two 2-hour sessions! Healing is also faster; in most cases, patients like you recover in less than 24 hours. That means you can return to your normal, everyday activities in no time.
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