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Periodontics - What is it, and why is it important?

Posted on 1/2/2024 by Kenneth D. Parrish, DMD, PhD
Image of a smiling woman looking at the dental professional, at United Smile Centres. Periodontics is a branch found in dentistry that deals with the teeth-supporting structures, which include jawbones, cementum, gums, and periodontal ligaments. Dentists who are involved in specializing this branch are known as periodontists. The primary focus of periodontics for prevention of periodontal diseases. This is because almost half of the adult population above 30 years form some symptoms of gum disease or periodontal disease. Hence, keeping an eye on the health of the gum and the supporting structure of the tooth becomes essential.

Importance of Periodontics and Oral Health

Most people overlook the importance of maintaining healthy gums. This is because they are not aware that healthy gums are the secret to overall health and maintaining pearly white, intact, and hygienic teeth. The gums are the sealed layer that protects the teeth, jawbone, and tooth roots and locks them into place. The insecure gums can form deep pockets that can sneak in food debris and bacteria. Once the bacteria are there, the result is yellow teeth and decomposing of the teeth' structure. Irreversible damage happens as a result of loose teeth detaching from the jawbone.

Periodontics and Systemic Health

Periodontal disease is a severe inflammatory disease that has been recorded to be complex. An untreated, periodontal disease causes a patient's immune system to hyperdrive, which results in the body becoming defensive even when exposed to the tiniest diseases. Also, untreated gum disease allows entry of the overgrown bacteria into the entire bloodstream. Hence, neglected periodontal diseases cause progressions of chronic conditions like cancer, diabetes, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease.

Book a Periodontist Visit A Soon As Possible

If you have noticed any change in your overall health or gum, it is time that you search for a periodontist near you. A periodontist accesses your gums' current state and suggests the treatment that is required.
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