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Is periodontics worth it? A periodontist explains

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Kenneth D. Parrish, DMD, PhD
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You might not be in your normal senses if you think I am going to say bad things about being a periodontist. After all, who hates their profession? Now, you need to understand what periodontics means and where it came from. The name periodontics is a combination of two Greek words, "peri" which means "around" and "odont" which in Greek means "tooth". Therefore, periodontics deals with the treatment of conditions that may affect the tissues around your teeth, specifically your gums. Hence your answer, it is worth it.

Why a periodontist

Periodontists have the necessary training in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of gum diseases. These dentists know and use the latest technology in treating gum-related problems. they carry out various procedures like scaling which involves a deep cleaning during the early stages of a gum disease. This deep cleaning is what we call scaling. It removes plaques and toxins that destroy oral health. They are also trained when it comes to the use of laser treatment to treat periodontal diseases. These lasers are used to clean the gums and the roots. The lasers are directed to the affected area using the correct wavelength for treatment purposes. When it comes to periodontal diseases that destroy the bone around your teeth, they are your best pick. Periodontists carry out regenerative procedures that involve using tissue-simulating proteins to enhance the growth and regeneration of the tissues and bone.

Who needs to see a periodontist

A periodontist treats issues that concern gingivitis which is the inflammation and redness in the gums around your teeth and bleeding when brushing. This can be treated when you visit a periodontist in time. Also, in case you need gum grafting that involves covering over exposed tooth roots, you might be advised to visit a periodontist. These are just some people who might need to see a periodontist among others. In case you have the above symptoms or other gum-related problems, visit us at our nearest branches for consultation and treatment.

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