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Everything I need to know about bridges

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Kenneth D. Parrish, DMD, PhD
Everything I need to know about bridgesBridges are made of zirconia, porcelain, or metal. Anyone but children can get a dental bridge. If you are missing a tooth and you do not feel comfortable with surgeries, getting a bridge might be the next best option.

What it is made of

A bridge is generally made of two parts, the abutment, and the pontics. The abutments are the structures that support the bridge. They are tiny connector posts used in dental implants. The artificial teeth that are supported by the abutment are what we refer to as the pontics, they are used to fill up the gap of the missing tooth. If you are missing more than one tooth, you do not have to worry, bridges come in different forms. The bridge you receive depends on the condition and the number of teeth you are missing.

Types of dental bridges

There are four types of dental bridges. To determine the bridge a patient needs, the doctor must have sufficient information about the patient. The dentist also has to consider factors like age, the number of teeth you are missing, the size of the gap, and your preferences. After careful consideration, the bridge of your liking is designed. The bridge can be one of the following types.

Traditional bridges

This is the most common type of bridge. It has dental caps on both ends with an artificial tooth in between. The caps are bonded to your natural tooth on both sides of the gap and the artificial tooth fills the space in between.

Cantilever bridge

It is similar to the traditional bridge however, it has only one crown at the end. Therefore, the artificial tooth extends over the gap when the crown is bonded to the tooth.

Maryland dental bridge

It is also known as the resin-bonded bridge. It uses metal wings to protect the bridge. The wings are bonded to the back of the neighboring teeth to hold it in place.

Implant-supported bridges

It is similar to the traditional bridge; it rests on dental implants instead of natural teeth. Before it is attached to the implants, the implants are fully integrated into the jawbone making them firm.
Maintenance of these types of bridges does not differ from maintenance of natural teeth. Above all, you can be sure that our doctors will give you the most attention.
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