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What Is Better, Implants Or Bridges?

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Kenneth D. Parrish, DMD, PhD
 What Is Better, Implants Or Bridges?When you have missing teeth, you want your smile back. People with missing teeth often feel they can't smile, laugh, or eat what they want. Not only do you not want to smile because of your missing teeth, but missing teeth can lead to problems with your other teeth as well as your jawbone. Two of the solutions for missing teeth are dental implants and dental bridges. Which one is better?

Dental Implants

Of all the kinds of restorative dentistry, dental implants come closest to your natural teeth. That's because the implants are implanted into your jawbone with a titanium or zirconium screw. Dentists can make an incision in your gumline to place the screw in your jawbone. Once the site heals, you'll be able to have a prosthetic tooth that fits on top of the screw.

Dental implants can be as simple as a single tooth implant or as complex as upper teeth or lower teeth implants that replace all of the teeth in your jaw. Dental implants are great, but they are not for everyone. One of the major problems with dental implants is the cost. If you don't have dental insurance, the implants can be costly.

Also, not everyone is a good candidate for dental implants. People with Parkinson's disease or other chronic illnesses may not be good candidates for implants. You also may not be able to try implants if you smoke or take blood thinners.


Bridges are prosthetic teeth with a base that attaches to your adjacent teeth. Bridges can either be permanently cemented to your teeth or they can be removable, which makes it easier to care for your teeth and gums. There are different types of bridges for different tooth issues. For example, if you need to replace your two front teeth, the dentist may try a Maryland bridge, which consists of brackets cemented to your teeth. If you need a bridge but only have healthy teeth on one side, the dentist can choose a cantilever bridge. Bridges are less expensive than dental implants, but they don't last as long.

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