Kenneth D Parrish DMD, PhD

Diplomate American Board of Periodontology



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“Why should I worry about replacing my tooth root?”




Your tooth roots are (or were) stimulating the jawbone and keeping them in place. Without tooth roots the jawbone will shrink or dissolve.

 This is the reason many people have dentures that fit well at first,

 and later get “loose”. The denture didn’t really get loose the jawbone  actually got thinner.


Dental implants will stop the jawbone from shrinking by stimulating the bone again just like a tooth root.



Tooth loss is a life changing event that results in emotional and physical impairment.


Are you embarrassed to go out with your friends and family and enjoy life?


Replacing lost teeth can restore not only your smile but your confidence, vitality, youthful appearance, and the ability to eat healthy foods again.  You don’t have to suffer with the handicap of missing teeth.  Learn more about what happens when you lose teeth and how replacement can change your life.




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